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Strict quality control

Vacopak is ISO 9001 certified and operates in accordance with the highest international standards in the areas of work procedures, production and quality standards. The company’s specialization in manufacturing to markets that are under strict supervision, such as the food and pharmaceutical markets, ensure strict supervision and strict quality control throughout the development and production stages, while maintaining a clean production line. In addition, additional individual-sample quality control is conducted, as required, on the production lines. The company’s products are manufactured from a variety of raw materials such as: PVC, PET, PETG, PS, APET, ABS, as well as anti-static raw materials, which have been tested by quality laboratories in Israel and abroad and approved by the Ministry of Health and the Standards Institution, International organizations, including BRC or ACCAP. The constant supervision, together with the rich expertise and experience accumulated in the company, ensure the precise production of high-quality packages with advanced design, which maintain an equal level of polymer dispersion in the body of the product and a smooth and uniform finish. Read more about quality tests tailored to the fields of medicine and food

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