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Drug packages

 Design and manufacture of medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology packages
For syringes, dental kits, pharmaceuticals and medicine packages
There is a possibility of manufacturing in a clean room with devices and certificates
Raw materials for the medical industry and a variety of other applications.

clean room

In the packaging industry for pharmaceuticals, medical applications and the electronics industry
A higher level of cleanliness is required than usual, the entire production process is performed
In a clean room where standards are strictly controlled in terms of air pressure and humidity.

Cleanliness in the clean room is measured in units of several particles per meter
Which is obtained using special filters called particle filters
In the clean room there is higher air pressure than the pressure in the external environment,
The walls of the room and all its equipment are made of non-emit materials
Particles and employees in the clean room wear special clothing that is also made
From materials that do not emit particles and thus prevent the contamination of the room
Entry and exit into the clean room is done through a controlled entry and exit complex
Cleaning the room is done as part of the regular work and with special cleaning materials and certified standard only.

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